Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Stuffed to the stalk

I took the finished dolma out of the oven minutes before Joe returned from covering the magisterial debates. yes. we have magistrates in Kentucky, and people use the title "squire." I thought it turned out nice. But I never got to eat any of it! See recipe in yesterday's post.


Rachel said...

That dolma looks fantastic! SOOOO good!

Why didn't you get to eat any of it?

I should send you some Chocolate Chex! Yes, we still have that here! (and there's a new coffee-flavored cereal, but it looks gross)

Emily said...

I planned to serve it to Joe for dinner that night and get some leftovers the next day for lunch... but he and my co-worker snarfed it. So alas, I didn't get to try the fruits of my labor.