Monday, October 02, 2006

Rachel Ray's rival?

Well. probably not, but I have to thank my dad for the suggestion.
Mom and I made a couple of fast meals:

Salad Nicoise (easy version)
1 can chunk light tuna, water drained
2 smallish potatoes
1 1/2 cup fresh or frozen green beans
2 hard boiled eggs
rice vinegar
lemon pepper
sliced black olives optional

Slice potatoes into 1-inch by 1/4 inch pieces, microwave for 3 minutes or until tender. Next nuke the beans with a spoonful of water, until crisp tender. Mix tuna with liberal splashes vinegar, generous spinklings of lemon pepper and maybe a teaspoon sugar. Add the veggies and shake dillweed all over. Slice the egg in quarters long-wise and add as garnish. More dill. Lots of dill. mmmm. Serve this warm salad over a bed of greens. Add a sour dough roll from Schlabach's and you're all set.

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