Saturday, September 30, 2006

Schlabach's Bakery

Life Lesson
Something I've learned from my dear parents, Brad and Mamie Tilsch: Travelling means finding the best food an area has to offer and buying lots of it.

Yesterday morning (after our YMCA workout, of course) Mom, Dad and I drove out to Schlabach's Bakery in Guthrie, Ky.; a Mennonite store offering amazing pecan rolls and other delightful ways to counteract a morning YMCA workout.

Which angel food cake did we buy for my dad's birthday? They had plain, lemon, strawberry and chocolate chip.


Anonymous said...

My hubby is Mennonite...did you know that?

Does the store have Funny Cake or Whoopie Pies?


Emily said...

Hi Rachel!
I didn't know Matt was Mennonite. He probably grew up with lots of good food, huh? ;o)

I didn't see either funny cake or whoopie pies...You must describe! I wonder if those are regional dishes. The Mennonites down here are very similar to Amish... the use electricity, but they don't drive cars etc.

Danielle Young said...

i grew up in guthrie, went to that store almost every weekend, and i've always called it "the pantry". i can't believe i never knew the correct name! Lol