Friday, September 15, 2006

Swedish rats

A visit to my hometown is not complete if it doesn't involve several hours at IKEA. Salty licorice fish, anyone? Click on the pic to see it close up.
Three-stories high, this blue and gold behemoth is home to a fast food restaurant (selling 50-cent hotdogs and 99 cent cinnamon rolls), a specialty food shop (selling gummy rats and lingonberry jam) and a Swedish cafe (below).

I like to eat at IKEA maybe even a little more than I like shopping there. The food is always tasty and filling and dirt cheap. Yah. We ate dinner there on Thursday night. (My last post was actually Wed. night, I goofed.) Mom had the 3 salmon plate, dad the chicken marsala, me the baked salmon.
Mom's dish was the most photogenic.

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