Thursday, August 17, 2006

Food Quiz #2

Can you guess this mystery food?

This quiz's questions:
1. What is this food?
2. Where did I buy it?
3. What is Joe's favorite dish that uses this ingredient?

*Jake is not allowed to answer this quiz because he ate the dish in #3.
Please leave a comment to sumbit your answers :-)


teddy higuera said...

emily, i think it is squid. and if i get this right, which i don't think i will, i think you should award me with the smart squid award.

Rachel said...

I think it's fish fish ball soup. (maybe squid balls) You bought it at an Asian grocery store, and Joe likes fish ball soup!

I'm not even close, am I? :)

Jessica said...

my guess is mozzarella cheese... tho the water looks a little dark. with that i leave you. love your blog!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a riddle I heard once.
What is greater than God
More evil than the devil
Poor people have it
Rich people don't need it
and if you eat it, you will die.


Emily said...

Points for Jessica! It is fresh mozzerella... and the water looks dark because I took a crappy picture of it. Squid and fish balls was a good guess though. And I have been wishing I could get ahold of a nice fishball soup lately. Really. I used to eat that stuff all the time when we lived on Tien Mu Shi Lou :)
Sunshine-- your riddle has got me stumped.

Questions #2 and #3 are still open though...

Rachel said...

Wow! Fresh mozzerella! I was totally stumped!!! I guess I haven't seen fresh mozzerella in about 3 years... :)
Forgot what it looked like!

I'm going to try again for questions 2 and 3:

2. you bought it at an organic store
3. Joe likes this cheese on top of fresh tomates

Rachel said...

I mean, fresh "tomatoes."


Julie Hartle said...

i'm super sad i was so late on this one. i knew immediately that it was fresh mozzarella b/c it is one of my faaavorite cheeses. slap some pesto or straight up basil and olive oil and then tomato and fresh mozz on a baguette. ah, bliss. is that joe's favorite? did you buy it at costco? i have no idea where you shop. but i saw a huge 7 lb tub of fresh mozzarella at a costco in montana last month. otherwise, i would guess whole foods or trader joes.

Julie Hartle said...

i thought the answer to the riddle was "nothing." i wasnt sure if sunshine was the author or the proposed answer. but i don't think sunshine is greater than God, nor evil. but you would definitely die if you ate it. and many poor people do live in equatorial countries with an overabundance of sunshine. and rich people can buy SADD lamps at any target, so they wouldn't need sunshine technically.

Emily said...

Hey Julie-- Yes-- Joe likes to eat it with tomato and basil and balsamic vinegar. Just as a salad, though I bet a baguette, if we could ever get one here, would be mighty tasty.

No Costco here.

Oh, and Sunshine is a nickname for my co-worker. 'Nothing' is the right answer. What a smarty pants.