Sunday, August 13, 2006

Evins Mill nature

The Herb Cottage
(I've broken this blogging session on Joe and my anniversary getaway into 3 posts because blogger takes issue with me posting more than 5 or 6 pics in a post. So start at the bottom to get the intoduction)

Susie Yelverton introduces Joe to Puerto Rican(or some latin American country) Oregano, which she just plucked from one of thousands of plants she grows at The Herb Cottage. Susie is Jason's neighbor, and she supplies him with the fresh herbs he uses in his dishes as well as fresh flowers to decorate the tables at Evins Mill. She gave us a whirlwind tour-- and boy does this gal know her herbs -- before leading us out of the simmering afternoon sun into the airconditioned store that was wall-to-wall herbal supplements and teas. Joe bought some royal jelly (he's been on a bee kick lately) and I got a lavender essential oil spray. Susie recommended spraying it on your pillow to destress and fall asleep, or in high-tension offices.. or directly on people that are stressed (or stress you out). It really conjured some comical images in my mind... but I think I'll be stingey and not bring my lavender spray into the newsroom.

A.M. hiking
The kitchen and breakfast buffet line were about five steps outside our room's door. It was great to have the smell of breakfast (specifically bacon) as an alarm clock. It got us up before 7 a.m. both days. And that gave us time to explore the grist mill, trails and waterfall. Saturday morning we made the trek down a rather challenging and slippery trail. Sunday morning we did it again, and took a dip in the pool. Joe of course had to sit right under the falls. I stayed back and watched the little schools of fish darting around my toes.

You can click on a photo to enlarge it. Once you do,don't close the window, rather hit the back button to get back to this post.

In this photo, Joe is carrying a stick. A spider-swishing stick. The trail was lovely in every respect-- pine needles carpetting marble with a smattering of sycamore and an occasional frightened frog. But something about the south... spiders LOVE to build webs in the middle of trails. So we had to tread softly and swish a big stick to keep from getting webbed on our way to the water fall.

Speaking of spiders...
These things were ALL OVER the green house at the Herb Cottage.

Finally, I just wanted to include this nice little bench, which was so welcome after climbing the steep and sweaty trail from the waterfall. The humidity was so thick Saturday morning, I fogged up my glasses and, apparently, my camera lense, trying to take this picture!

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Rachel said...

what a fantastic spider picture! I hate spiders, but that's a really neat pic!