Monday, July 17, 2006


Finally, I'm able to get one photo on this silly blog (but only in HTML mode). It's been over a week since I've been able to get any pics up.

These are the two hyacinth macaws at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, where Joe and I were this weekend. The birds were sqawky and mildly obsessive compulsive-- chewing on their feet and, occasionally, each other. But their coloration is stunning!

There was also a butterfly garden. Joe got a little spooked by this fella, because his wings have the face of another critter... do you see it? It looks like it sees you.

Another big hit-- the 'petting zoo' portion of the aquarium. I also had to touch them... sting rays are quite slimy. But the cute thing was that a couple of them would stick their snoots out of the water to get their forheads scratched--so says the guy in the staff shirt at least.

My favorite part: Jellies. Relaxation personified. I also could watch the seahorses for hours, but my photos are all too blurry.


Ron Tuepker said...

I so enjoy your posts. Your photography is tops. I was not even aware of a butterfly like this one. Do you have any information on it, such as where it is from?
My daughter was inspired by your food posts and did one of her own!

Emily said...

Hi Ron-- Sadly I don't know what the butterfly is called... Whenever I go into these butterfly gardens I go crazy chasing them around and sneaking up on them with my camera. It's after I go through the thick plastic curtains to the outside that I remember I forgot to read the little info cards.