Monday, June 19, 2006

Lavender wanderer

These lovely little clusters with frosty greenblue stems release one of my favorite scents. I bought my first lavender bush recently from the Mennonite nursery in Fairview, Ky. I like to sit on the patio a get my nose up into it. When the breeze ruffles through I'm reminded of a line from a hymn: Come Beloved/ on my garden blow/That the odor of spices/ may break forth and flow."

When I lived in southern California for a year of Bible and service training, there was some lavender growing near my house in Grace Gardens. My gospel partner, Dorothy, was the one who discovered it. I can still remember how she sounded when she exclaimed the word, "Laaavender!" With that kind of introduction, I couldn't help but like the shy little herb.

Just before I got married in Cleveland, my best friend Priscilla gave me a personal spa kit that included a lavender eye pillow that I keep in the drawer of my antique night stand.

And when I lived in Taiwan I learned one more endearing quality of lavender-- you can EAT it! Well, you can drink it at any rate. My favorite Taipei store, Working House, sold floral teas. After having some lavender milk tea at a tea shop, I bought a pouch of the dried buds for my dad... who likes herbal teas, but isn't very fond of consuming lavender.

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