Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Potluck Thanksgiving

I've mentioned before that Thanksgiving meals when I was growing up were usually this weird combination of traditional and Chinese and sometimes fried chicken or lasagna. Since I've been married, we usually head to Joe's parents for the big meal. This year, my mother-in-law decided that everyone could just bring what they wanted. So there were Chinese dumplings (made by my Italian Auntie), Nicaraguan floutas-- akin to taquitos but way better-- made by my Canadian sister-in-law and garlicky salad made by me. There was also plenty of traditional food like baked sweet potatoes, green beans, ham, a free-range turkey and stuffing.

I really like the ratio of greenery to other things on my plate.

And afterwards, I felt good enough to go on a nippy walk around the West Side neighborhood where the Parrinos live with Cris and Amy.

That made us hungry for dessert. Amy concocted one with Trader Joe's puff pastry, fig butter, pistachios, almonds, dark chocolate and Brie. I was a little concerned that there might be too many things going on in these pain au chocolats, but the flavors melded wonderfully!

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