Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Turkish taste test

A few weeks ago, I helped my friend, Kai, prepare a meal that she planned to make for our church's small groups. She and her husband, Chris, are taking their four kids back onto the mission field in Turkey this December.

Chris and Kai have been some of our closest friends in Kentucky, and while we're really excited for them to have and heed a call from God, we're also so sad to see them leave.

Let's just say I've been doing some research and have decided that Cappadocia would be an awesome next big vacation. And the town of Urgup has what looks to be a really awesome restaurant called Ziggy's.

Anyway, back to the food above. Kai's menu has included Yogurt Chicken, Broiled Lamb, Spanikopita, and some kind of flat bread. She's also been making grape-leaf dolmas, pilaf and strong, sweet tea.

I love the yogurt chicken. It involved copious amounts of fresh herbs, lemon, garlic and onion as well as yogurt based sauce thickened with a little flour. We tweaked the spanikopita recipe so that we used fresh instead of frozen spinach, olive oil instead of butter and chunks of mozzarella instead of feta.

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