Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pasha Coffee and Tea

Located near the bottom of the Incline railway in St. Elmo, Pasha Coffee and Tea caught my eye on the restaurant review site Urban Spoon.

Their menu includes yummy Middle-Eastern-influenced dishes like this Turkey Pesto Panini served with a side of pita chips and a grape-leaf dolma. They've also got breakfast all day, with various scrambled egg sandwiches. One was called curry eggs... but the girl behind the counter said if I was really hungry, the panini would fill me up better. I took her advice. Free of the buttery coating found on paninis I've had at Corner Bakery and Panera's, Pasha's Panini was more like something I might make in my toaster oven, well-stuffed with turkey, tomatoes, pesto and feta cheese. It would have been better if I could've eaten it hot off the press. Alas, Rockam was hungry too, and I had to nurse him right after I placed the order. So, even though it wasn't hot and toasty, it was still tasty. The petite dolma was tender and filled with tangy rice. The pita chips would have been better if there was some hummus or baba ganoosh to dip them in, but they did help fill me up.

Joe had one of the egg dishes, but he polished it off and had become engrossed in USA Today before I returned from nursing Rockam in one of the back rooms, so I really don't know much about it! He also ordered Turkish coffee, with the famous sludgy grinds at the bottom of the cup. We split a jumbo M&M cookie that was about 50 percent crunchy and 50 percent chocolate.

Pasha's atmosphere is artsy and rambling, with a small, strangly shaped main room and a couple of dimly lit back rooms that feel like hallways more than bona fide rooms, furnished with mismatched wicker furniture, metal cafe tables, a ficus with christmas lights and starving artist paintings on the walls. It's definitely a college town hang out, and it's youthful clientele and baristas made Joe and I feel like old fogeys... not intentionally, I'm sure.

Stephen really liked the big leather couch. He decided to take his nap a few minutes after I set him down on it.

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