Monday, August 24, 2009

Date Night in Paris

OK, I didn't really go to Paris. But Joe and I did get to have a date night on our 8th anniversary in Franklin, Tenn., at the Viking Cooking School. On the menu with Chef Jamie: Coc au vin, salad with chevre, tomato tartlet and crepes suzzette.
As is often the case in these Viking classes (Joe and I have Thai cooking, Morroccan and Superfoods under our apron strings) I was completely lost for most of it. The recipes in the packets barely coincided with what the instructor was doing. The droplets of oil leaping from the pans stung my hands. And it was sometimes hard to tell the little ramekins of salt from the sugar or the walnut oil from the honey... a mistep that could have be disasterous, or at least a little disgusting!

But when it came to crepe making, I was a pro. :-)

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