Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Date

Yesterday, after putting Stephen down from his late afternoon feeding, Joe and I snuck out of the house for a 2-hour date. Thank you Mom and Dad!
I was elated to get out of the house...
We went to Dot's on the bypass. That was the last restaurant I ate at with Emily Chappelear while still pregnant.
It's been tough getting enough calories to feed myself and baby. So we treated ourselves to some southern comfort food. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and greenbeans for me, potroast and fries for Joe (he only ordered it because that was my second choice on the menu :0) What a lucky girl I am.
Dot's tends to have salty food but these two dishes were perfect. The chicken was a bit dry, but I like their coating-- not over spiced or overly crunchy... and it was white meat (didn't want to go too cholesterol crazy). Their potroast is perfectly cooked, fall-apart kind of meat. And I really like their fries.
The great thing about going to a restaurant at 4:15 is that service is lickity-split, we got a window seat with good photo lighting and the restaurant, which with its high ceilings can be noisy, was nice and quiet. Only a few other customers... a family with two toddlers, a single woman slowly savoring a bowl of soup, a elderly gentleman who seemed to know the owners. It made for a very nice date.... Plus we had the "Brownie Dot" for dessert. More of a chocolate cake than brownie, but they were nice enough to put the ice cream on the side. I'm back to watching my dairy intake now that I'm not pregnant. Seems all my old tummy troubles are returning.

One last nice thing to say about Dots is that they welcome substitutions and they are generally very good and carrying through with them. All side dishes are interchangeable and the staff is very friendly.

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