Thursday, May 08, 2008

showing off

As of Monday I'm 26 weeks along. Appetite is hearty, and I feel like my stomach is giganto, but I suppose it doesn't look too scary in these pictures Joe took on Tuesday.


Rachel said...

Are you really 6 months pregnant? You're barely showing! What a tiny little bump. :) But you are so adorable, Em...and keep the posts coming! Can't wait to hear more about Baby Parrino!

Candace said...

When I was 6 months pregnant, some of my co-workers didn't even know I was pregnant! They were just wondering why I gained weight so fast! :D

It's good that you have good appetite. Remember that you are eating for two. Your little guy is very blessed because you are a good cook and you like to eat tasty food.

Marcia Fry - Vance Fry said...

ha ha ha...giganto? Hardly! You look great. Are you going to take much time off work when you have the baby? What are your plans? Sorry if you posted somewhere about that and I just missed it!