Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rescued from the birds

I know we're into autumn already, but my tomato plants have been late bloomers. These are actually my first 3 successful tomatoes. Ever. In the entire history of me gardening. Sad, isn't it?

I had to pick the green one because yesterday I noticed that my prettiest tomato (not pictured) had a beak hole in the top of it and a smattering of wild grass seeds near the puncture, which oozed juice down the side of my precious fruit.

There's close to 20 green tomatoes out there... small and hard, not much bigger than cherry tomatoes. Any gardeners out there? Should I pluck them or let them grow? Will the frost or critters get them first? I do like fried green tomatoes...

In other news, things are going to get a little bit more moody around here because (A) I'm going on a temporary wheat-free diet to help with my chronic sinus problems. I did this for several months when we lived in Taiwan. Oddly, it really helped with my sinuses. I don't have any trouble digesting wheat, in fact, it's one of the easiest things on my stomach. So you might be seeing some wheat-free pancake and quickbread recipes in the near future.
(B) Starting a week from Monday, I'm no longer going to be a copy editor/designer. I accepted a job as features editor... which may mean I'll be insanely busy, but I think the job will fuel some new ideas about food as I get out in the community more.


SueBum said...

Hi Emily,
As long as you don't get a hard frost the tomatoes will continue to ripen and even gorw a little. I love fried green tomatoes also. I use flour, egg wash and then bread crumbs. How do you make yours? Sorry about the wheat thing I would hate to give up flour. I will look forward to the recipes though. Congradulations on the new job.
Sue B.

The Nahid Family said...

Congrats on you new position, Emily! You will be wonderful at that! If you are going wheat free, welcome to the club!! I found what looks like a good recipe for some flatbread made from chickpea flour. I will try to send it to you! Love you and so good to see you today!


Moody Foodie said...

Hi Sue--
I like to use flour and bread crumbs too... but down South they use cornmeal. I have a friend that sautes them (without any coating) and puts them on grilled chicken sandwiches.

Hey Tina-- I'm looking forward to that flatbread recipe :-)