Monday, October 22, 2007

Marathon food

Joe ran a half marathon in Columbus, Ohio, this weekend--which could be considered a marathon in itself for all the things we packed into it. Something I like about marathons (though I never intend to run one) is all the goodies at the end. Columbus knows what to put out... bananas, oranges, panera bagels...starbucks pumpkin lattes (OK, maybe that's not the best things to put in your system after running 13 or 26 miles, but they had 'em).
And after they emerged from the chain linked snack corral, there were plenty of tents with more freebee snacks. I discovered the gluten free, dairy free, soy free, gmo free, non processed, raw, added sugar free, kosher and vegan LARABAR... just nuts and spice held together by date paste. Like Baklava without the bad for you part.
This one had pistachio and cashew. Another, already eaten, had the flavor of cinnamon roll exactly.

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Rachel said...

I adore Larabars. My sister is hooked on them. I'm hoping they will make it to Taiwan someday soon....