Sunday, August 05, 2007

Yuki Sushi, Portland

After a day of worship and meeting people at Pioneer Square, the Martins, the Lindseys and the Parrinos went to a sushi restaurant. It was a good meal for all of us... I think. Shirely found a "Kentucky Roll" that she really liked, Randy and Linda have a heart for Japan (and a stomach for Japanese food), and Joe and I haven't dug into some good sushi together for a long time. We shared a roll with softshell crab and another with salmon on the outside and inside.

The photos from Yuki Sushi were taken on Shirely's camera (Thanks, Shirley!), I'll also include a picture of Randy and Linda with their blackberry bucket taken on the last day of the the trip.

My taste buds were already revelling in their good fortune when we decided to scout out some dessert. We found "Alotta Gelato," a quirky little shop where they let us sample several different flavors of gelato and sorbetto. I liked the rose petal gelato, but opted for the blackberry sorbet. Jeremy tried cinnamon and rasberry, Joe had pistachio and he can't remember the second scoop. These pictures are also on the Martin's camera.

**Sorry the photos I chose are so soft... I like the warmth of photos without flash... and it's at the cost of everyone's vision. Just don't squint at them too long.***

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