Friday, June 29, 2007

Joe cooks!

Dilled summer squash with onion and zuch in the front, apple pork medallions in the back. And brown rice.

I cannot, do not cook red meat. Joe on the other hand did a wonderful job. It was tender and sweet. If there were bones in tenderloin, this would've fallen off them. I was very proud of him for taking his day off to shop and cook for me-- er, and Matt who came over last night.

We ended the evening with kit kats and a jam session that included guitar, a chinese flute and bongos--singing worship songs and a group-effort original about purple hat. I'm going to save us the embarassment of included the rest of the lyrics.

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Rachel said...

Em---have you ever seen this blog?

I think any Foodie would enjoy it! :)

keep up those great posts!