Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Translation: Scattered sushi.

Tuesdays are my cooking/English exchange classes. This time, I went over to Saya's place and met her friend Yakemi (I think I remembered that right?). They taught me how to make a dish that is popular for birthdays and holidays. To make it, start with steamed short grain rice. Saya added sugar and salt to rice vinegar then Akemi cut the mixture into the steaming rice. Saya handed me a plastic aristocats fan... so I could help cool the rice.

To that, we added a can of tuna, stewed briefly in soysauce, sugar and vegetable oil. Then sprinkled fresh avocado, cooked shrimp, blanched broccoli, raw green bean slices, omelet strips and toasted sesame seeds. There was a colander with small octopus tentacles, but I don't think my Japanese friends believed me when I said I liked it... so our chirashizushi was free of suction cups this time :-)


Tina Nahid said...

Hi Emily,
How are you? I hope you are doing well. I enjoy your blog. You take such great photos! And the food looks super yummy.

See you Sunday. Maybe we can get together for a double date sometime.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate,last Tuesday.
I saw your blog. I apologize that octopus. Don't take offense.I will take care from next time.


Emily said...

Hi Tina-- I'd love to get together. The sushi was really good. I ate too much! See you Sunday.

Saya! I was only joking around. I was not offended at all :-) Thank you so much for making me dinner. I really enjoy our Tuesdays.