Sunday, April 15, 2007

Men leading the charge, women eating s'mores

Wednesday night
Our husbands were at the men's Bible study, so I had Shirley, Jennifer and Deona over for tortilla pizzas (sorry no pics of this). The guys were also planning a camping trip sans wives for the weekend and so I thought I would make s'mores as dessert.
I was surprised to learn that two of our group had never enjoyed a toasted marshmallow and melted chocolate ooze out from between two graham crackers. SO we fixed that problem. :-)

I do not have a wood burning stove, a fireplace or a gas range. Nor fire pit outside. Nor large enough candles to get the true campfire effect of a roasted marshmallow. I've found that nuking an open-faced s'more for about 6 seconds gets everything hot and gooey, but doesn't add the burnt flavor. Sticking a marshmallow on a graham in the broiler of my toaster oven, and watching it vigilantly, makes for a good flavor, but the cracker might get a little scorched. Any tips?

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