Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Chicken Marsala adventure

I know this photo seems a little incongruent with my post title, but bare with me. The omlette was my attempt to use some of the very large package of mushrooms I bought to make chicken marsala... My cousin Rich, who tackles much more complex dishes than I, gave me the recipe last month and I've dreamed of making it ever since. So why the long string of tortilla chips, pizzas, toaster oven s'mores and other less sopisticated endeavors? Well because I couldn't find the Marsala wine. Or the chicken!
Apparently Kroger chicken truck drivers were on strike last week. So there were some whole fryers and some livers, but no boneless skinless breasts. And you'd have to be crazy to think I was going to buy a whole chicken and deal with all that chicken crud getting stuck under my fingernails to extract just two puny pieces of meat.
After the lady at the checkout counter assured me there was no telling when the chicken truck drivers would resume their much needed role in society, I decided to find another grocery store.
I'd never been in a Save-A-Lot before... There was sort of a Sam's Club-unfinishedness to the store, but instead of high ceilings and shelves, the aisles were cramped and crooked. The produce section seemed promising, with cheaper cilantro and tomatillos than elsewhere. But the rest of the store was a dearth of fresh foods. Everything was packaged, uber-processed and completely unhealthy. Save-A-Lot never sells boneless skinless chicken breasts.
I stumbled across this story: Oregon governor starts week on food stamps (click here to read it) To summarize, a politician had a really hard time buying a week's worth of groceries with 21 dollars. He ends up living off of Cup Noodles and other demoralizing dorm-style foods. It made me feel sad that unhealthy foods are often the most economical in the short run... but people who are forced to chose ultra processed foods pay a big price for health problems in the long run.

Anyway. How did I get here from chicken marsala?

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