Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Skillet Granola

Granola holds a lot of happy breakfast memories for me. My grandma Tilsch makes her own granola with oats and crushed shredded wheat cereal. The Amish out here make a version that tastes like butter cookies. When I lived in California I went to a camp where they served homemade granola for breakfast. It seemed easy enough. And it is. I started experimenting with granola when I lived in Taiwan... a box of 100% Natural went for 3 times the price it is in the U.S. -- and such a small box could vanish in a couple days.

All you need is:
Almonds (sliced or slivered)
Rice Krispies
Sesame seeds

Heat a skillet on medium high, add a mound of sugar and wait for the sugar to liquify. Once it does, dump in the oats and other ingredients and stir to coat with the sugar. Keep stirring until almonds begin to brown. Then dump the whole thing out onto wax paper to cool and solidify.

I like fresh granola hot off the skillet. It goes beyond the 'snap crackle pop' of rice krispies in milk -- it's like the sizzling rice soup of the breakfast world.

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