Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Food Quiz #5 answer


This dish has been called Japanese Pizza, even though there's not much similarity between the two. It involves meats and veggies (so I guess that's similar), the most plentiful vegetable being shredded cabbage (so I guess that's not too similar.) It's also kind of an omlette, with a layer of chese on top-- seared by an aerosol can of fire. Yow!

This photo was taken in 2004 at Gregg Wroblewski's favorite restaurant in Hiroshima, where he teaches English.

Another answer: In a previous post I made you guess which angel food cake we ended up with from Schlabach's bakery. For some reason the photo, as of Oct. 6 is showing up as a box with a red X in it. Imagine, friends, that it is a picture of a bright yellow lemon angel food cake.

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