Sunday, October 08, 2006

Chatt Chow

Rembrant's Coffeehouse
A pretty place with a particularly congested ordering area, Rembrandt's sells deli sandwiches, coffee and desserts. I found the S-shaped cookie particularly memorable.

Mom and I split one S on Saturday while the guys were out hurting themselves on the Ocoee river. Similar to a Jarosh's Bakery butter cookie, I liked Rembrandt's version even better. It had a firmer texture than most butter cookies, without crossing the line into crunchy. Plus almond extract and a thick coat of dark chocolate gave this cookie my two favorite flavors.
Design-wise, the modular shape makes them so perfect for splitting that we shared another Sunday after our lunch there. Lunch was not quite as perfect. I ordered a grilled chicken panini with provolone and some grilled red and yellow bell pepper/onion/unidentifiable leafy green/caper mixture. The sandwich was warm, which I guess could qualify it for the panini title, but each slice of crusty artisan bread was at least an 1 1/2 thick-- making it a rather painful lunch. I guess I'm used to paninis being compact, toasty and intensely flavored. But they skimped on the veggie mixture, which was probably the tastiest part of the sandwich. Anyway, I would eat there again for the ambiance (it's in the Bluff View Art District -- which only really has one gallery--but nevermind, the area feels artsy). And for another S cookie.

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