Saturday, September 30, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dad!

I'm a daddy's girl in a lot of ways. To him I owe my love of nature and curiousity for science (and diseases that we might have or one day get.) Thank you Dad, for battling Chicago traffic to take mom and I to natural (and cultural) spots of the city. And for teaching the me the names of wild flowers on camping trips and hikes...

And and for teaching me another kind of hiking! (sorry no pictures of us actually hanging out of the sailboat) And thank you for never capsizing me once!

(Above)My cousin John, me and Dad in Chicago... the day with absolutely no wind, but we had a motor. (Right)Here he is in his element, unaware that I'm taking a photo from my uncle Doug's apt. window.
With my dad I also share a fondness (but maybe not a brilliant green thumb) for gardening and strange, unidentifiable plants. We still don't know what this one is.
To Be Continued...

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