Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Random food quiz #1

In an effort to make this blog more interactive and to broaden my blogging possibilites on days when it's 100 degrees and I don't want to cook anything... I've decided to start a food quiz. Here's how it works: I will post a question and you can answer! Doesn't that sound like fun?

Leave me a comment if you know what this is. Or if you don't, but want to guess.
Bonus question: when is it in season?
Extra bonus question: What is it called in Chinese?
Final-extra-bonus question: What kind of allergic reaction does Joe have to this food?

Perhaps I will keep a tally of food quiz winners and send them an edible prize. ;0)


teddy higuera said...

I think it's a tennis ball with jelly inside.

Anonymous said...

This looks like something with a rind, like a watermelon, but it's obviously not a watermelon.

I work with the quiz master, Emily, in the newsroom and I haven't been able to get her to slip me the answer this morning.

It's a myster.

Jennifer P. Brown

Anonymous said...

I mean mystery!

Anonymous said...

yeah it looks like a red grapefruit but the outside looks green. ar eyou trying to trick us emily.

Rachel said...

Oh, boy...I should know this, shouldn't I?

I think it's some sort of melon. But the red fruity part is confusing me. Hmmmmm....

My answer to question 3 is: he breaks out in hives.

Am I close? :)

Anonymous said...

It's definitely a grapefruit, although it looked like bacon at first.
It's season is Jan-April (I looked that up, is that cheating?)
I'll guess that Joe's throat itches when he eats it. That's what happens to Vina when she eats some fruits.
~Priscilla L.

Anonymous said...

my guess is that it is a red grapefruit. Very juicy.
I don't know the word in Chinese maybe it sounds the same?
It makes Joe cough when he eats it, even if he smells it. It grows early Feb (this year) and on through April.


Emily said...

So far... no one's got it. Though Matt (aka Teddy) should win a prize for creativity. And Melinda (anonymous 3) is in the right vicinity. So is Priscilla... and she gets points for the season.

Nobody guessed the allergic reaction yet. :-)

Keep guessing!

Anonymous said...

Pomelos and in Chinese you call it, yòuzi (柚子)
Maybe when Joe eats Pomelos, his throat closes up and he can't breathe. Don't eat this grapefruit like citrus.

Emily said...

Ah-ha... we have a winner.

Anonymous (Sunshine) got the right answer by googling green grapefruit.

It's a pumelo or pomelo. Related to grapefruit but infinitely more tasty and much more mellow. (No bitter grapefruit bite.)

Pumelos have an incredibly thick skin. In Taiwan, the flesh isn't red, but light pinkish. And usually they're kind of pear shaped. State side they are round. Like this one, which I bought in Champaign IL.
Thanks for guessing :-)

You still have time to come up with Joe's allergic reaction.

But... No one has correctly guessed Joe's reaction.

Anonymous said...

Bryce's guess for the allergy is that his face swells up and turns red.
~ Emily Waldal

Emily said...

Ha! Nice try bryce! Hey it seems that everyone had more fun guessing what happens to Joe around this fruit than the actual identity of the fruit!

Good to hear from you, Em. I'd love to hear more about what you guys are up to.