Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mariachis and deep fried banana

I didn't have my camera while we were eating... and it's really too bad. Those of you who don't live here will just have to imagine what's inside El Bracero, one of the happier places in Hoptown.
For weeks-no, months--El Bracero has had little yellow posters up advertising live Mariachi music for Thursday, June 22. They'd been up so long I forgot that tonight was the night. What a treat! An acoustic base guitarist, a ukelele-ist, a violinist and an accordianist serenaded us with the chicken dance, la bamba, tequila (coreographed Pee Wee style) and other authentic, traditional mariachi tunes. The song they sang infront of our booth was something I didn't recognize, but it came with periodic kissy noises and a solo performance from a dimple-cheeked man in braces. Yay.
The food was also great. I had soft chicken tacos with sides of guacamole and pico de gallo. Joe had something very large and in the burrito family. And as if we weren't already stuffed to the epiglottises, Joe ordered a deep fried banana with two forks.
That was delicious. I just had a conversation with Joe about how hot fruit didn't appeal to me, with the exception of bananas, which taste wonderful in pancakes and muffins, or covered in brandy and set on fire til the whole thing caramelizes. Well. I've got to add deep fried bananas to my list of hot banana favorites. They took a large underripe banana and wrapped it in a soft tortilla, then fried in oil, then glazed in chocolate, caramel and cinnamon. Joe aptly called it a Mexican canoli.

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