Sunday, June 11, 2006

Container Garden

Container garden from left: Planter with Lobelia, petunia, daisies, lemon thyme, basil, sage; mint; basil; dillweed; lavender; more dill; blueberry bush; oregano; basil again.


A Tuepker somewhere said...

I really enjoy your pictures! They remind me of the farm we had in Missouri for 13 years. We finally got tired of winter, chiggers and ticks and sold everything and moved to Maui.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily! I'm glad to see you're still working with horticulture! Your potted garden is inspiring. We have pansies and tomatoes growing at my parents house, but now I'm back in Urbana for summer school with no garden. It's not that bad though, I'm learning all about adolescents!
~Priscilla L.

Emily said...

Tuepker- I'm really getting to love this area (despite ticks and a very brief winter)... but I would choose Maui over almost any other place on the globe. Do you have a Maui blog? And what is a tuepker?

Priscilla- I went a little crazy with the containers, but so far I haven't killed anything. It's a real confidence booster. Hey, if you get lonely for gardens, there's always Japan House and the experimental gardens. I miss sniffing the roses.

Ron Tuepker said...

Emily-Tuepker is our last name. I am Ron, my wife is Nancy, we have a daughter in Tavernier, Florida (Florida Keys) that lives on a sailboat with her husband and daughter, a daughter in Olathe, Kansas (works for Garmin, the GPS people), and two daughters with us in Maui. is my Florida daughter's blog. is my pathetic attempt at a blog. I am not as prolific a writer as you!