Wednesday, June 07, 2006


When we first moved to Kentucky in January the weather was fairly warm and I caught a glimpse of my first bluebird. He was sitting on a stake in Mr. Morris' garden. We had never seen one before so we were pretty much in awe. It struck us that we really did move to the South. Anyway... I ordered a book on bluebirds and learned how to attract them. Joe and I put up a bluebird box this spring... and waited a several long bluebird-less months before this pair settled in. Now they are like our good friends-- or at least we like to imagine they are. On the weekends, I could watch them all day. Better than TV. The male is the bright one, the female is the one with the beak full of building materials. She does all the work and he likes to watch. Actually, he provides distraction for a mean and nasty robin that often chases them. Mr. bird will fly in front of the robin while little Ms. bird swoops into the box.

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